Why Automobiles.plus

We are collector car experts. Provide us with details and pictures of your car and your honest asking price and we will use our knowledge, connections and lots of legwork to sell your vehicle for the highest price we can. We split 50/50 any amount above your asking price. If it sells at or below your asking price, you pay us nothing. Remember you can never get more than your asking price listing it on another site.

We’re Collector Car Experts

The owner of one of the largest classic car restoration shops in the U.S. started Automobiles.plus.  This means that we draw from our extensive resources to try and get you the highest price possible for your vehicle.

Our experience means that we know how to get the highest price, where your vehicle is most valuable and who will be the best buyer.

Gain the benefit of an industry experts knowledge and connections.

We'll try hard to get you the Highest Price

We only get paid if it sells above the asking price

How can you lose?! Seriously. Think about it. There is zero reason to sell your collector car elsewhere.

Free Sales Person

Free Sales Person

With Automobiles.plus you actually get a real person working hard to sell your vehicle for the highest price. If we sell it at your asking price, or below (with your approval) then this service is free.

Person to person  sales

Person to person sales

We will actually call many collectors who are interested in your type of vehicle to find the best buyer.

Create a bidding war

Create a bidding war

If possible, we will bid interested buyers against each other to get you the highest price.

We make it easy. We do all of the work. We find the best buyer. Answer all of the questions. Negotiate the highest price. Set up payment transfer. Set up vehicle transportation. You get paid.

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